Why you need gold in your portfolio

Global currencies are losing value, miners aren't finding much new gold, and the Fed has no good news.
Weather the price of Gold is dropping or rising, it will rise again & again. Plus, it's always a good time to buy gold with us, especially since we buy and sell at a discount. Your input means a great deal to us!

The Rush 4 Gold Program

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The How

We have been in the industry since 1984.

As U.S. registered licensed importers, we safely import the precious raw commodities into the U.S., process & refine and pay out in CA$H or deliver to recipient.

To assure quality service, we:
   Buy at a discount of the Daily London Fix Price;
   Visit country with specialist;
   Buy from large and small miners;
   Inspect and authenticate Goods;
   Agree on price;
   Pay all local taxes and fees;
   Initiate the exportation process;
   Prepare Import documentation;
   Prepare US Customs for entry;
   Arrange Secure Courier Service delivery;
   All funds are immediately released;
   This process takes up to 3 Business days.

To assure quality service, you:
   Select investment amount
   Sign contract agreement
   Select payment (Bank Wire or PayPal)
   Choose to receive CA$H or
   Choose to receive Gold
   All funds are immediately released
   This process takes a minimum of 30 days and pays 4% on initial investment or you can keep rolling it over with a six month contract and EARN 48% of the initial investment.

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