TDD Investments & Partners has been providing high quality services,
ascertaining the best possible solutions and logistics for our clients in the commodities sector.

TDD Investments

was the First in the industry to innovatively sell directly online and has been providing First Class Service for the industry for more than 25 years.
The only way to maintain this status is built entirely on quick, competitive and trusting services to thousands of stores and clients throughout the United States and the World.


Strategic Services

We provide strategic consultations and are connected with many African miners, wholesalers and merchant owners throughout the industry.



We visit and purchase diamonds and precious metals straight from the mines, travel deep into the interior of Congo, West and Central Africa many times over.


Global Logistics

As U.S. registered licensed importers, we safely import the precious raw commodities into the U.S., refine, cut and shape them the best possible ways. We process large and small quantities of diamonds, gold, platinum, palladium, mercury, cobalt and much more.


International Development

We have been serving as consultants to various housing projects in the USA in addition to our Natural Mineral Exploration Projects throughout Africa to lend our expertise in natural resources for the benefit, development and betterment of native Africans.

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Investment Consulting

TDD Investments provides comprehensive financial consulting services that assists you in taking control of your future by structuring programs that best suits your financial goals.

Investing in Gold

TDD Design Studio

Internet Development

The Design Studio is a professional effective marketing & design service providing a full range of graphic design services including Web Concepts, Webinar, SEO & Lead Conversions.

Graphic Designs

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Special Event Planning

Shining Diamond Productions promotes Celebrity Events  and is known as a master of event planning for private, public and politcal events. We are globally respected as a production and consulting firm; meeting and incentive planner; and event marketing group.


Strategic Alliance

Americores provides strategic consulting and investment banking services to emerging and mid-market companies. Our principals have more than 100 years collective experience in every facet of corporate development, from pre-planning to launch, and growth to divestiture.

Since 1984, TDD & Partners have taken all the risks and are continuously being invited into many Gem Producing Countries lending expertise in expanding international business relationships for investments in housing development projects, mining, environmental, agricultural & cultural consulting services.

Alliances' Country of Origin: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya

Investing in Developmental Projects